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‘The Off-Kilter Quilt’ (Part One of Five)

Of the four Bennett sisters, Melissa Bennett was the most sensible, the smartest and the least likely to marry. She was also the happiest. After all, what did she love most in the world? Books, children and quilts, and as the children’s librarian at the main branch of the Milton Falls Public Library by day and a volunteer quilting teacher at the community center by night, Melissa spent her life surrounded by the people and things that made her life worth living. A husband sounded nice in theory, but where would she put him? Read The Off-Kilter Quilt for Free!

Persimmon Moon Story‘Persimmon Moon’ In this modern day fairy tale, financial woes force two sisters to consider selling their beloved home. If Lucy could marry her longtime love, all would be well, but an aunt with a knack for predicting the future has warned that if Lucy marries before younger sister Amanda, heartbreak will follow. Quiltmaker Amanda concocts a plan to get her sister down the aisle before it’s too late, but her quilting magic has unexpected consequences. Read Persimmon Moon for Free!


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“A truly enjoyable read” about “the power of quilts to connect, heal, and restore the soul.”Marianne Fons

In the tradition of Marie Bostwick and Jennifer Chiaverini, Frances O’Roark Dowell combines her deep connection to the quilting life and her love of storytelling to create a novel about the abiding friendships that bind together a community of women who share a passion for making quilts.

With Birds in the Air, Dowell (winner of the Edgar Award, the William Allen White Award and the Christopher Medal) has created a warm, funny novel about fitting in, falling out and mending frayed relationships one stitch at a time.

What a delightful book! … As I read, I was transported out of my chair and into the town of Sweet Anne’s Gap and the lives of the quilters that I can understand so well.”  –Annie Smith