Free Story from ‘Margaret Goes Modern & Other Stories’

We’re putting the finishing touches on Frances’s first collection of short stories for publication in time for the holidays. Several of the stories have appeared before on this site in our Free Quilt Stories promotions. Others are brand new, including the title story “Margaret Goes Modern.”

One story from the collection is our current Quilt Story on this site, so don’t miss your chance to read A Quilt for Dr. Wallace completely free of charge!

Margaret Goes Modern and Other Stories

A touching, big-hearted collection of short stories about women whose lives revolve around family, friends and quilt-making.

Meet Margaret, whose adventures with a new quilting group help her reconnect with her daughter as they struggle with the grief of losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s.

Then there’s Liz, a quilter seeking her own tribe in a neighborhood of perfect moms. But maybe she has more in common with her neighbors than she thinks.

Sisters Amanda and Lucy, one dreamy, the other practical as the day is long, have financial woes that may force them to sell their beloved home. Can a quilt made with fabric from a mysterious aunt save the day?

Lisa is still reckoning with the loss of her best friend. Diving head-first into a new quilt project, she learns that sometimes a gift can be a first step toward healing.

Melissa Bennett is sensible, smart and skeptical of marriage. A husband sounds nice, but with all the books and quilts in her life, where would she put him?

Frances O’Roark Dowell — the bestselling author of Dovey Coe, Trouble the Water, The Secret Language of Girls, and other “beloved books for tweens and teenagers” (New York Times Sunday Book Review) — first combined her love of telling stories and her love of quilting with the novel Birds in the Air in 2016. She also hosts the popular “Off-Kilter Quilt” podcast, where she talks about her latest quilt projects with friends and fellow quilters around the globe. Her own little corner of the globe is Durham, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two sons, and a dog named Travis. Connect with her online at and