Quilts of the North Carolina State Fair

It’s been nearly twenty years since I last went to the State Fair, but yesterday Mr. Dowell and I braved the crowds to see some sights. Of course, I was really there for the quilts, and they did not disappoint! I loved the broad spectrum of quilting styles represented—everything from Yo-Yo quilts and Cathedral Windows to quilts with modern curves, appliqued tulips, and pixalated Dachshunds.
Did I eat any fried candy bars while at the fair? No, I did not, as tempting as they might have been. I did spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at the canned foods (they were in beautifully-lit display cases; it was like standing in front of a jewelry store window) and searching for the pies, which I never found (where were the pies?!). There was a special exhibit of very fancy cakes, and the line to see them was longer than the line for the fried dough and the fried Snickers combined.


  1. What great pictures of the state fair! Those canned foods in their lighted display cases are just beautiful. That’s a fantastic way to display them. There were so many beautiful quilts at the fair. I’ve never been to a state fair but didn’t realize that so many quilts were entered. Congrats to Diane’s friend for receiving a red ribbon. I went to the very, very small county fair back when I was in High School & there wasn’t much to it at the time which was many, many moons ago. Thanks for walking us through some of what you were able to enjoy!

  2. What an amazing amount of gorgeous quilts. Looks like a fabulous state fair and thanks for giving us a peek at it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos of quilts at your state fair. Such beautiful work! In Wisconsin, we cannot get close to the state fair quilts. They are hung from the rafters, which I’m sure is intended to keep curious fingers away from them but it really prevents fairgoers from experiencing the beauty of the quilts. I think some people may overlook them entirely since they are out of sight. There are so many interesting displays of people’s handiwork at fairs – it really is inspiring! Does your state display both youth and open class (adult or non-4-H member) entries?

  4. Thx for sharing this fun outing! I rarely get to quilt shows and these are certainly inspirational. The foods are eye appeal too 😋 “The Picnic Basket” was a special treat. Brings up memories of my childhood in rural Maine.

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