Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 24

In Episode 24, Emmeline learns the fate of her Sears Contest quilt and hatches a new plan to put her back on the path to quilting fame and fortune.

If you’ve listened to this week’s episode, you now know why Emmeline’s quilt didn’t win any prizes. Accident or sabotage? That will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned! For those of you who want an idea of what Emmeline’s quilt looks like, here’s a picture of Rose Kretsinger’s “Orchid Wreath,” which Emmeline’s quilt, “Wreath of Irises,” is based on:

Bess’s quilt, which I don’t think is named in the book (am I wrong? Please leave the title in the comments if I am!) was designed around the theme of transportation. There were several transportation quilts in the Sears contest, including this one (maker unknown, collection of Maryilyn Forbes)

We’ve seen Dorothy’s quilt before:

Eula’s quilt is a red and white spinning wheel quilt, based on this quilt by Emma Andres of Prescott, Arizona:

This episode is our last of the year, and Chapter 35 is the last chapter in Part Two of Friendship Album, 1933. We’ll be taking a holiday break until Friday, January 11, 2019, and return with Part Three. If you’re looking for a Christmas story to listen to while you stitch over the holidays, we’ll be posting the audio version of “A Friendship Album Christmas, 1932,” tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!


  1. THANK YOU FRANCES for the the research you do for this podcast / book / story. I love following the blog and seeing the pictures you post to go along with the podcast. The pictures so add to the ambiance of the story, makes it easier for this visual person to follow.


  2. What a joy it has been to listen to the first 2 parts of your story. I agree with Nonnie concerning your research that you’ve added to go along with the story. It makes me feel more like I’m there in the middle of the group at their weekly quilting bee.

  3. Can’t wait to listen to the latest chapter! Love these quilt pictures – especially the transportation one.

  4. continuing on…I read your precious Christmas story, it was fabulous. Don’t usually use that word but it was really great.
    There is hope for the journalist after all….yeah!!!! Thank you so very much. Linda

  5. What. Magnificent quilts! I love listening to each chapter and am looking forward to. 11 January!

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