Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 38

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In Episode 38, Dorothy recalls a revealing conversation with Emmeline as she gets ready for guests.

My dears, this is the second to last episode of Friendship Album, 1933! It’s hard to believe we’ve almost reached the end.

This week, we spend time with Dorothy as she gets ready for the Wednesday Bee. Dorothy’s had a remarkable year in many ways. Her daughter left home unexpectedly (and left her children behind), her husband had a heart attack, and all year long she’s had to deal with the infuriating Emmeline Grangerfield.

In this episode, Dorothy opens herself up to others in an act of true hospitality. At first, I wasn’t so sure that Dorothy would ever change her mind about Milton Falls’ most renowned quilter. Dorothy can be self-protective, which I don’t blame her for one bit, but sometimes self protective people stay stuck where they are. Somehow Dorothy has managed to be truly gracious to Emmeline, and I think that’s helped Emmeline to grow as a person. I think Dorothy has grown, too–we see that in her generosity toward Emmeline, and her willingness to forgive.

I do plan to go on with this story, and I’m enjoying imagining my characters’ futures without actually having to do the hard work of writing everything down! Given Dorothy’s drama-filled year, it’s interesting to think about what will happen next in her life. I hope things will calm down a little bit for her, don’t you?


Dorothy’s Crown of Thorns quilt.



  1. Thank you so much for the “Friendship Album”. I have sewn many a seam while listening to the story woven around the characters. I look forward to hearing more in the future.

  2. This was my favorite chapter so far, it touched me to hear Dorothy’s words describing being invisible. Whether it be color, religion or gender, history has shown us how far we have come as a human race. I read a lot of historical novels and it is appalling to me how little value was placed on a woman and of course slavery and the Jews in Nazi Germany. I am so glad for all of those that have come before us that have fought for our rights.

    I will be sorry for the last chapter but am very grateful for “The Friendship Album”, I have looked forward to your reading to us on Fridays.

  3. THANK YOU for this chapter!!! Thank you for sharing what so many people of color have been trying to explain for decades – that so much that is supposedly “for everyone” doesn’t necessarily feel like it is for you if you don’t see yourself represented there. I’ll be honest, as a black woman, there are many times when I have not felt particularly welcome within the quilting community (although there have been other times when I have felt welcomed, valued and seen), not greeted the same way as other shoppers when I enter shops during shop hops, rarely seeing people who look like me within the pages of the magazines, never seeing novelty fabrics with people who look like me on them. Thank you for hopefully getting people to think on that, even just for a moment. I’ve enjoyed the podcast from the beginning, and own both of your other books, but this has solidified me as a lifelong fan who will purchase this book as soon as it is released. Be well!

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