Turkey in the Straw (Bess, 1925) – A Friendship Album Story

Every era has its version of the Modern Woman, and the 1920s were no different. Women had the vote–and they had washing machines! Cars and canned goods were widely available and affordable, and with more labor-saving appliances, including the vacuum cleaners, a household could be run more efficiently than ever before.

But housekeeping was still work, even if magazine ads made it look easy. In “Turkey in the Straw (Bess, 1925),” we find a younger version of our old friend Bess Wilcox laboring under the illusion that she can do everything without help–including prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her family and her nephews. But when Bess’s mother sends a note saying she and Bess’s father will be coming to dinner this year, Bess begins to worry she won’t be able to produce a dinner party that’s up to her mother’s exacting standards. As the guest list grows, so does Bess’s anxiety, which she tries to keep under wraps. After all, she’s a modern woman with modern machines–shouldn’t she be able to do it all? Her recently-hired housekeeper, Dorothy Johnson, has her doubts!




  1. and yet another terrific episode about the gals at Milton Falls. I just love these.
    Treated myself to the two book as well – in the spirit of the Christmas season.. LOL

  2. How much fun. Now, I am the old woman in the family and have a table to set with beautiful dishes and silver. My children and grandchildren love it but they don’t want to do things that way at their home. Sad in a way but it is fun at their house and not nearly as much work! Times are different now than when I grew up..not a lot of formal dinner parties anymore. Oh well, we had our day and we still have a grand time. I am just glad to be included and I certainly am not going to complain.❤️

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