“Picnic Basket (Eula, 1902)” — A Friendship Album Story!

I’m so happy to have a new Friendship Album story to share with you! While determining what might happen next with my novel, Friendship Album, 1933–right now I’m in the process of reaching out to agents–I thought I’d work on some stories about our favorite quilters from Milton Falls.

In today’s story, we meet 18-year-old Eula Rhodes, a young woman widely regarded as one of the best quilters and cooks in her small farming community of Homerville, Ohio. While some wonder when Eula will marry, Eula wonders who would be interested—and she’s not sure if she cares. Life at home with her rambunctious brothers, fun-loving sisters and her understanding mother is comfortable and comforting. But when she meets Dan Baker, a farmer with an eye for quilts, she begins to wonder if she might be ready to make a home of her own.

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  1. So glad you are back with a new story, just loved it . So glad it is a continuation of previous characters I have come to admire.

    1. Loved it. Thank you for sharing your writing with us. I wish that I could cook like Eula.

  2. I’m very excited to have your stories again. Enjoyed them in the past & look forward to reading them again. Thank you for including me!

  3. Love, Love, Love!!! Would like to hear stories like this about the other main characters .

  4. I loved the story and was so happy to get to hear another one. It is fun to hear about the young Eula. Thanks and can’t wait for more.

  5. This won’t help as a definite answer but, for me, wherever your creativity takes you. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1933 stories
    I’m open to your new efforts,

  6. Homerville is only 30 minutes from where I live, we have a favorite campground in Homerville too. Glad you are back with stories!

  7. So happy to hear this short story on Eula & Dan & looking forward to learning more about the early lives of our friends from Milton Falls. How very, very kind of you to not only write about our favorite quilters but to also actually read the stories to us. That makes it so special for me. Thanks & hoping the best for you as you approach the agents with your Friendship Album, 1933 story.

  8. Lots & lots of luck on your Friendship Album -1933. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters.

  9. SO fun to have more on the “quilting ladies” of Milton Falls. I love your books and I loved listening to your audio book while I sewed on my quilts.

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