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What's the difference between audiobook versions and normal podcasts?

Podcast episodes, released weekly, provide access to Quilt Fiction titles that are "in the works." But what happens if you join in the middle of a season or fall behind? You can find yourself downloading 20 episodes at once and struggling to get your podcast player to play them in the right order. Partial audiobook releases (Part One, Part Two, etc.) make listening more convenient in a couple ways. First, they get rid of the podcast opening credits (and occasional club announcements) along with the closing credits to improve the listening experience. Second, the audiobook format allows the files to be downloaded and added to your audiobook player (such as Apple Books or Music (iTunes)).

When a work is completed, edited and updated, the audiobook eventually becomes a new product available in any number of ways (always at a discount for Story Guild members and usually free during the transition). Story Guild member always have access to the original podcast files of completed works, such as Friendship Album, 1933, and Aunt Jane of Kentucky.


How do I get an audiobook from BookFunnel into my audiobook player?

When you are sent a members-only link for a BookFunnel download, follow it and enter the email address we have on file for you. You will be asked to verify your email address and sent a link that takes you to the home page for the download. Click the cover art and you'll get the following options:

  • Listen in the BookFunnel App
  • Listen in Your Browser
  • Download MP3s

In this case, you want to download the MP3 audio files. When the download is complete, double click the compress folder to "unzip" it if necessary.

Then, simply open your audiobook player (Books and Music are two options for Apple users) and for go to File/Import. Click the folder you downloaded and Import your new title!

If you have any trouble, another good option is to download the BookFunnel player using the links you find on the page you originally visited. Once you download that from the App Store and connect it to your BookFunnel library, you automatically find everything we post to your library there.


Did you have trouble downloading an audiobook from BookFunnel?

Do you have a paid subscription to the Quilt Fiction Story Guild? Most of our downloads are for Story Guild members so BookFunnel compares the email address you provide to a list of members. If you are a paid Annual Subscriber, please make sure you are using the email address we have on file for you. It the database is incorrect or out-of-date due to a recent upgrade or subscription, please Contact Us and we can update your records by hand.


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