Margaret Goes Modern and Other Quilting Stories

A touching, big-hearted collection of short stories about women whose lives revolve around family, friends and quilt-making.

Meet Margaret, whose adventures with a new quilting group help her reconnect with her daughter as they struggle with the grief of losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s.

Then there’s Liz, a quilter seeking her own tribe in a neighborhood of perfect moms. But maybe she has more in common with her neighbors than she thinks.

Sisters Amanda and Lucy, one dreamy, the other practical as the day is long, have financial woes that may force them to sell their beloved home. Can a quilt made with fabric from a mysterious aunt save the day?

Lisa is still reckoning with the loss of her best friend. Diving head-first into a new quilt project, she learns that sometimes a gift can be a first step toward healing.

Melissa Bennett is sensible, smart and skeptical of marriage. A husband sounds nice, but with all the books and quilts in her life, where would she put him?

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See what readers have been saying about Margaret Goes Modern

  • I loved this book of stories about quilting and books, I wish it was longer though. It ended too soon and I wanted to know more.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Margaret Goes Modern. There are several moderately-length stories in this book, & not one is a weak link!
  • This is a collection of short-stories about quilters and quilting. Each is different in its own way, but the one thing they have in common is they are all magical!
  • A superb collection of short stories. Each standalone and wonderfully written, with a bit of quilting in each one. Even if I didn’t like quilting, these stories are a joy to read.
  • If you sew, this book is for you! It will get you and speak to your soul. Lovely short stories about how and why sewing saves us, inspires and nourishes us! Not to be missed!
  • A wonderful collection of heart warming stories all wrapped up in quilts!
  • Makes me wish that the mentioned sewing projects were real!
  • This collection of five short stories are engaging and wonderful, and every one of them would have been great developed into full novels. I devoured this book in just a couple of hours, just couldn't put it down!
  • One need not be a quilter to love these stories, but they are extra special for those who quilt or love quilts.
  • As a long time listener of the author’s podcast, The Off Kilter Quilt, I could hear Frances’ voice in every story. As a quilter, I appreciate reading stories with characters as immersed in quilting as I am, and all the details about quilting are spot on.
  • It shows how important quilts are and how they help in times or stress, sorrow or happiness. If you are a quilter you will enjoy the stories.
  • Loved all the stories, particularly ‘improv’ and ‘a quilt for Dr Watson’ - witty and fun and completely relatable! Definitely one for quilters
  • Found this book through my subscription to QuiltFolk magazine and enjoyed it. Good quilting short stories!
  • A great set of short stories with a quilting theme. I even cried.