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Quilt Fiction was founded as a way to share stories with friends, so there will always be at least one free quilting story available on this site. And the monthly Quilt Fiction Podcast will continue to stoke the conversation about stories worthy of the women and men who quilt. Please look around at your own pace, sign up for a free membership if you'd like to get newsletters from us twice a month, and consider whether a paid membership to the Story Guild is right for you!

Free look into the world of Friendship Album (free audio chapters)

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quilt-fiction podcast

Quilt Fiction Podcast

With a new episode every month, we keep the conversation going. Most recently we interviewed (and read an original short story by) Marianne Fons.

A Free Story

Many of the stories that end up in Quilt Fiction collections take an initial turn in the 'free story' spotlight. Enjoy!

A Work-in-Progress

While our weekly chapters of Diary of a Mad Quilter are going out to Story Guild subscribers as audio, free members are welcome to read along as the story develops.

Audio Content for Story Guild members

Constantly expanding as Story Guild Channels are updated and other new content is made available.

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