Notes: Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 19

For the record, I have a very nice mother. She’s a quilter and a reader and is always pleasant to be around. I love my mother very much.

My mom, back in the 1970s, when we all were young.

Why mention this? Because in Friendship Album, 1933, mothers are a mixed bag. Bess’s mother is a shallow and mildly irritating, and Florence implies in an early chapter that she and her mother didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Emmeline never really knew her mother, and in this week’s episode, she’s starting to realize how she’s never fully recovered from that loss.

Speaking of mothers, in this episode we very briefly meet Dorothy’s mother! It just occurred to me that all sorts of members of Dorothy’s extended family show up in our story–her sister, Ruth, her nieces Lucy and Lettie, and now her mother, Martina. Dorothy, like Eula, learned to quilt from her mother (another thing they have in common!). Did Emmeline’s mother quilt? I don’t know. Something to think about!

Who are some famous mother-daughter quilting duos? The first one that comes to mind is Marianne and Mary Fons. Then there’s Sue and Ashley Nickels, Sharon Schamber and Cristy Fincher, Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelley, Pam and Nicky Lintott, Jean and Valori Wells…

… are there any others you can think of?

Some mother-daughter quilting links:

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Here’s a fun Alex Anderson video on mother-daughter quilters you might enjoy: