In which I say “Merry Christmas” with a Christmas Story!

Lots going on here in Quiltfiction Town as we wind down 2018. The big giveaway is happening–and it’s not too late to enter. We’ve still got lots of great prizes, thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

Here’s a gift for everyone–a Milton Falls Christmas story that you can download to your computer or device–it’s my way of saying “Merry Christmas and thanks for listening!” If you subscribe to the Quiltfiction newsletter, you’ll receive a link in your email box. Can’t wait that long? Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the Book Funnel site, where you can choose where to download your copy. Feel free to share the story with your friends!

Get My Free Christmas Story

Click Book Jacket to Get Free Story

If you’d rather listen than read, I’ll be posting an audio-version of the story on Saturday, December 22nd.

Membership in the Quiltfiction Club, Quiltfiction’s closed Facebook group, is growing! If you like talking about quilts and food, and sharing stories about all sorts of things (Milkmen! 1930s dresses! What’s up with Emmeline?!), then you should join us. Just head over to the Quiltfiction Facebook page and click on “Groups.”

I finished a quilt top on Sunday–when you listen to the new episode on Friday, you’ll know the story behind it.

And I finally got started on my Christmas shopping, but I have miles to go before I sleep! Hope everyone is having fun preparing for the holidays (or doing their best to avoid the hubbub)!