Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 35

In Episode 35, Eula passes down kitchen advice to her new daughter-in-law and finally gets the news she’s been waiting for.

At the beginning of Friendship Album, 1933, each of the women had a dream, and Eula’s was to return to return to the farm, where her family could be together again. Slowly but surely, however, family has been coming to her.  In Chapter 46, Eula finally has an opportunity to look forward rather than back.

Chapter 46 opens with Eula passing on the recipe for her blue ribbon prize winning cake to her daughter-in-law Elise. So where exactly would her cake have won that prize? The county fair, of course!

In researching county fairs in Ohio, I came across this fun, short doc about the Cuyahoga County Fair:

These are some pictures from a Life Magazine 1938 story on county fairs:



Want to try Eula’s blue ribbon cake for yourself? You can find the recipe here.


Eula’s latest quilt is a Cathedral Window. The other day I googled “hardest quilt to make” and “Cathedral Window” was the first one to pop up. It does look complicated, but so beautiful!

See you next week!


  1. Cuyahoga County is the county I grew up in, the fairgrounds were are in my hometown. I participated in many a fair when I was growing up sewing in 4H.

    There is a very EASY way to do a cathedral window quilt, just look at the Missouri Star Quilt Co videos. Jenny Doan has a super simple way to make them and it looks beautiful – I’ve done 2, one using charm squares and one using 2.5″ squares.

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