Notes: Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 15

In Episode 15, Eula considers how she might earn enough money to get her family back on the farm, and the bee members give updates on their Sears Contest quilts.

Forgive this rushed blog post, but thanks to Hurricane Michael we’re late getting this episode up. Just so you know, this week we have a Eula chapter, and as always Eula is thinking of ways to bring her family back together. She’s hard at work on an article for the second Milton Falls Quilting Company catalog, this one on quilting tips for new quilters, which causes her to reminisce about the quilting circles of her childhood. It’s always odd for me to remember that if Eula is in her early 50s in 1933, she was a child in the 1880s. That seems so long ago!

Thanks as always for listening. I hope to do a mid-week post this coming week, and I’ll be sure to include some interesting quilt pictures and maybe even a recipe!

Have a great week!