Notes: Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 31

In Episode 31, Father Joe makes Bess an offer she may not be able to refuse.

The Lyn-Way restaurant is real, and its motto is “Pie Fixes Everything.”

That’s my kind of motto.

You’ll find the Lyn-Way in Ashland, OH, the little town that serves as a model for Milton Falls. Was it around in 1933? Hmmm … okay, no. It was established in 1951, but my friend Susan, who’s from Ashland, thought it would be a good place for some of our characters to dine. So I opened the Lynn-Way a few years early; who’s counting?

For more about the Lyn-Way Restaurant, here’s an article for your reading pleasure:

A subject that has come up recently, and again in Chapter 42, is boarding homes for the elderly in the 1930s. It was more common then than it is now for older folks to live with their families, there was still some need for assisted living. Here’s what I learned from a blog called “A Place for Mom”:

“The kernels of the modern care system developed in the mid-1800’s. As an alternatives to state-run institutions for the elderly, fraternal organizations, tradesmen and religious groups began to open nonprofit homes for seniors. Examples of these groups include the German Benevolent Society, the Odd Fellows, Masons and Knights of Columbus. Young members of these groups would pay into a pool that would operate much like a pension plan today. The homes that they operated were often quite nice, and some still operate today.”

To read the entire article, follow this link: