Notes: Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 37

Spoiler Alert: If you’re not caught up with the podcast, this post contains recent plot developments. Beware!

Welcome to the missing Florence chapter!

Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

I’ve gotten a lot of amazing feedback since Friendship Album, 1933‘s beginning–lots of nice compliments and encouragement. However, when listeners learned in Episode 34 that Florence was engaged, I got a lot of complaints, most of which fell into one of two categories (and sometimes both): 1) How could you not show us Florence’s engagement? and 2) Did I miss something? I think I missed something!


I’m not sure this would be such a big problem if the podcast listeners were readers instead. Readers could flip to the next Florence chapter (the one you’ll be listening to Episode 37) and see that I do in fact show the engagement scene. In fact, you get two engagement scenes–the first one and the second one!

I’ll be honest — when I revise this novel (you know that it’s a first draft, right?), I’ll probably bring in Arthur’s proposal earlier, just so no one is confused. But for now, I hope you’re glad that the big day has finally arrived, and you get to witness every second!