Quilt Along – Assembly Tips for the Baby-Sized Quilt

Have you been listening to the Friendship Album: Forget Me Not story? Eula’s daughter-in-law Elise is about to have a baby! Eula must be so excited to have a new grandbaby to love plus she has another person to make a quilt for!

Beautiful finish by Charlene S. with some extra special embroidery added to the blocks

One of my favorite size quilts to make is baby-sized. The quilt top goes together relatively quickly and the quilt is small enough to be quilted on a domestic machine. The joyful part is making something that will be loved and used to cuddle a newborn – babies are the best!

If you’ve chosen to make a baby-sized version of the Loves Me, Loves Me Not, here are a couple of tips for finishing your baby-sized quilt top:

  • The instructions for sashing and outer border (page 16 for baby-sized quilt) call for strips to be cut at two different widths. The wider (2.5″) strips are for both the border around the Crown and Star block along with the outer border. The smaller (1.5″) strips are for the sashing between blocks.
  • Unlike the throw-sized quilt (tips for throw-sized), the Crown and Star block has a partial border with just a strip on the left side and the top of the block.
  • The top and bottom outer border requires the joining of strips to match the dimensions of the quilt. Your strips can be joined on the diagonal – as you would join binding strips – or the ends can be sewn directly together with a 1/4″ seam. From the one long strip you will cut strips to match the actual dimensions of your quilt top. Make sure to carefully measure the height and width of the quilt center in three places, average these together and then cut the joined strips to match this dimension instead of what is listed in the pattern
  • Securely pin the outer border strips to the side of the quilt before sewing using lots and lots of pins!

Joanie and Teresa were the winners of our fourth giveaway – congratulations!

Our final giveaway will have four Grand Prize winners. (Prize details will be shared next week.) The winners will be randomly chosen from those who submit a photo of a finished quilt top (either throw-sized or baby-sized) by May 15, 2023 and meet the eligibility guidelines listed below.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • The participant must email a photo of their finished quilt top prior to 8 p.m. ET Monday, May 15, 2023. The quilt does not need to be quilted or bound – a quilt top (also called a “flimsy”) is acceptable.
  • The final quilt layout does not need to be a exact replica of the pattern layout but the quilt must contain a large Crown and Star block and at least four unique smaller blocks from the pattern.
  • The participant must be a member of Story Guild (at any membership level, including free) and have downloaded a copy of the Loves Me, Loves Me Not pattern.
  • Each winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize by responding to our email – if we don’t hear back, we may draw another name. Once all prizes for a specific giveaway have been claimed, the first names of the winners will be announced.

Next week I’ll share details about our Grand Prizes!