Notes: Friendship Album, 1933: Episode 17

In Episode 17, Florence’s new business is booming, and Emmeline seems intent on playing matchmaker, much to her sister-in-law’s dismay.

At last the Milton Falls Quilting Catalog is being mailed. Florence is shocked by the huge response to her ads in various needlework magazines, but Arthur isn’t. For the price of a penny postcard, a woman can get a catalog to dream over as she drinks her morning coffee. Maybe one day she’ll even make an order!

One of my favorite parts about building Florence’s business in Friendship Album, 1933, is researching catalogs from this time period. The best resource is the Quilt Index. Not only do you see all the wonderful catalog covers, but you can also flip around inside!

To access the listing of catalogs from 1930 to 1940, pop over hereĀ and have yourself a look around. If you want to peek inside of the catalog, click on the link for the full record at the bottom of the listing.

The listing looks like this:

Inside, you’ll find such delights as this (I wish that black mark wasn’t there–it looks like it’s from where the cover of the catalog was torn):

And this:

Sort of makes you want to make a Lone Star, now doesn’t it?

Some more catalog covers, for your viewing pleasure.


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