Diary of a Quilt in Progress: Dorothy’s Crown of Thorns

When did I start Dorothy’s Crown of Thorns quilt? Was it a hundred years ago? Two hundred years? Or was it sometime last summer? It started with this sample block back at the beginning of August …

I love that vibrant red-orange, don’t you? But I wanted something softer for Dorothy’s quilt, something that felt a bit more appropriate to the times, so pink it was.

I tried different sized blocks, finally settling on a 10″ finished.

Slowly, the top began to grow …

And it grew and it grew. But without the borders, it didn’t seem like it would be that big. Sure, it took up a lot of space when I laid the blocks out on the carpet …

But it seemed a manageable size before the borders were added:

The addition of the borders gave me pause. When the top was completed, it measured 90″ by 100″. In other words, big!

It took me many hours to piece a back, and then more hours to baste. But at last, the quilt is ready to be quilted. Wish me luck!